How to simply carve a tomato rose.

Simple 7 step tutorial on how to carve a rose from a tomato.

This can be combined with a cucumber leaf to create a quick but very impressive plate decoration. Perfect for impressing your guests at a dinner party.

Tomato Rose- step 1

You will need:

  • A tomato
  • A sharp knife
Tomato Rose- step 1

Slice about 2/3 to 3/4 through the top of the tomato. IMPORTANT: The top still needs to stay attached to the fruit.

Tomato Rose- step 2

With the top still attached start peeling the tomato in one spiral cut from the top to the bottom.

Tomato Rose- step 3
Tomato Rose- step 4

The result should look like this. Discard of the tomato’s core or use for cooking.

Tomato Rose- step 5

Roll up the peel.

Tomato Rose- step 6

The result should look like this.

Tomato Rose- step 7

Arrange the “rose” and some cucumber “leaves” into a simple but elegant plate decoration.

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