How to simply carve a cumcumber into a leaf.

Simple 16 step tutorial on how to cut a leaf out of a cucumber.

This can be combined with a tomato rose to create a quick but very impressive plate decoration. Perfect for impressing your guests at a dinner party.

You will need:

  • a cucumber
  • a straight knife with a broad blade
  • a pointed knife with a slim blade

Using the straight knife cut the cucumber into 3-4 roughly equally sized pieces. (Alternatively you can quarter the cucumber and cut off part of the inside (the part with the seeds) to make the quarter pieces lie flat.)

Using the small pointed knife cut each of the cucumber pieces into an elongated tear shape.

Continue to shape

The result should look like this

Using the smaller pointed knife cut a v-shaped groove into the middle of the cucumber pieces. The groove should end well before the tip (2/3 to 3/4) and should be slightly curved, following the contour of the leaf. The groove requires two separate cuts.

Cut 3 smaller pointed grooves on each side of the center groove. Start cutting from the center groove and end before you reach the leaf's edge. Each grove requires two separate cuts.

Cut small curved wedges between the previous grooves. Start cutting from the outer edge towards the center. Each wedge required two separate cuts.

Repeat the above steps for all leaves.

Combine with a Tomato Rose for an attractive plate decoration.

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